Cookie is a digital art festival known as demoparty.

This year, we welcome you on December 8th & 9th (staying till the 10th is possible) at Le Jardin d'Alice, near Paris, France.

Come over the weekend and watch stunning animations on modern or retro computers, attend to workshops and live performances, or simply meet passionate people around a beer.

Don't be afraid if you are a newcomer, people will kindly help you, so come and enjoy the party!


Pay what you want!

This does not mean that the demoparty is free: we need your support to make the event possible. We simply acknowledge that different visitors have different financial resources, so contribute accordingly.

What to do now?

Register and see if your friends are coming too!

Check out the map, competitions, and timetable.

Prepare your entries!

Watch the invitro

And The Crowd Gathered At Cookie by Ponk + Koltes + Fergus, presented at the Deadline 2017.

If your browser cannot display the demo, watch the recording.